Saturday, March 17, 2018

And Even More Sewing O’ The Green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Spring is coming our way, slowly but surely. We’ve had warm shirtsleeve bike-riding weather this week, as well as snow, rain and wind. Not all on the same day, but even in the same week - well, you know it must be spring. Things are greening up in the yard already. But they’ve been green in my studio all month!

I’m joining in with all the other lassies who are linking up to Rainbow Scrap Saturday over at Angela’s Scrappy Saturday linkup. Why not join us? You may not find a pot o’ gold at the end of our rainbow scraps, but you’ll definitely find some green!  :-)

Here are my Linked Squares blocks. The bottom one was done last year as a test block to see if I’d like it. But I never counted it in my production totals, so it will be counted this month. And just to give you an idea of how old some of these scraps are, you might be able to pick out the carousel horses on hunter green in one of the blocks below. It’s like the nineties threw up all over it, LOL!!

And then we have some green quarter log cabins. These are way too fun and wacky. I’m thinking that a quilt of just QLCs might be a bit wild. Maybe they’ll need to be tamed by an alternate block, like selvages or something.

And the last of my blocks are just the scraps and crumbs blocks. I even threw in some narrow selvages to make these 6.5” blocks. 

Since the selvage blocks (shown last week) and the quarter log cabins and the crumb blocks are all 6.5”, it gives me a lot of design possibilities. Maybe I’ll combine all blocks of one or two colors for a quilt. Or maybe I’ll just do rainbow crumbs. Or rainbow selvages mixed with crumbs. For now, I’ll just keep on sewing the color of the month.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I got a bike for my birthday, a few days early. Good thing we bought it early so I’d have a chance to ride it at least one afternoon before the aforementioned snow and rain moved in. Unbeknownst to me, while Bruce was cleaning my bike helmet for me and I was testing out the brakes, my brother shot this rather unflattering picture of me. (I’ve given up on ever getting a flattering picture of me at my age ever again).  I’m just concentrating, not scowling. Honest. But I rather like that my gray hair matches my saguaro cactus t-shirt and bike. That’s one out of three. I’ll take it. 

And just to let you know - I’m having a giveaway here on the blog. All the details are on the previous post. Shortcut link HERE.  I’d love for you to join in!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Giveaway Time

I haven’t done a giveaway for years, so I think it’s high time to do one. Even better, two. The original intent was to do this in conjunction with my birthday, but that passed by a couple days ago. Still, it’s the same sentiment. I appreciate you, my cyber friends and readers. I love reading your comments and feel I have met so many wonderful people all over the country. And even the world! So, although this is a modest giveaway, I hope you’ll join in the fun.

There are two items, and I will draw for each one separately. 

The first giveaway is a Hoffman Digital Panel, “Skylines". It measures approximately 28” by width of fabric (42 to 44-ish).

When I bought this panel, I actually bought two. You may recall that I made a wall hanging with one a couple years ago. Here’s a refresher picture. Sorry - it is just pinned to the design board and not hanging very evenly.  Anyway, there are a lot of design possibilities for the panel.  So, the first giveaway item is for the panel of fabric above (not the quilt; that already has a home with one of my sons).

The second item is for someone who might be a handbag maker. It’s is an unopened package of By Annie’s Soft and Stable in white. Really, it’s white - my picture leaves a lot to be desired. Anyway. I am no longer into bag making, and really don’t see me using this, so I’d rather just pass it on. Anyone interested? 

To enter the giveaways, just leave a comment on THIS POST. Tell me which one you’re interested in. If you’re interested in both, tell me and I’ll put your name in for both drawings. I’ll draw separately for each item. In your comment, please iinclude your email address if you don’t have a blog or are a No Reply commenter. I need to be able to get ahold of you! 

The giveaway will be open through next Friday, March 23 at noon MDT. That’ll give me time to get my ducks in a row before posting the winner’s name next Saturday the 24th. 

Thanks for joining in, and good luck!
Thursday, March 15, 2018

March OMG (One Monthly Goal) Finished!

I am thrilled to have this project out of the way, because not only do I meet my March OMG goal, but it clears up a lot of room in my studio.

My OMG for March was to finish 10-11 kennel quilts for donation to our local Best Friends Animal Shelter in Salt Lake City. With Darla and Alfie’s help, I managed to get them done by mid-month!

Here we have the first 5, the smallest ones. As you can see, the top side is made up of crumb blocks, tiny orphan blocks and other assorted parts from the Parts Department. The backings are usually a solid piece of matching cat-themed fabric. Or flannel.

And here are the six that are a bit larger:

Several of the backing fabrics were donated by friends (thank you!). The green with white stars is a cuddly flannel remnant. And here are all twelve, below, washed, dried and super soft and crinkly.  

This finish is not only my OMG for March (and I will link up to Elm Street Quilts at month-end when the linky party opens), but is also goal #6 of my 2018 First Quarter Finish-Along Goals. You can see that list HERE. This finish completes all but one of my goals, and that last one - Bruce’s Guitar Quilt - will have to wait until April. But it will be a priority then. I hope. :-)

Quilty Orphan Adoption

EDITED to add: please make sure to leave a contact email in your comment!!

Several years ago, I thought it would be fun to be a pattern tester for Sara Lawson (of Sew Sweetness), whom I met at the 2012 Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City. She was, at the time, just beginning to focus primarily on bags rather than dress and bag patterns. After a call for pattern testers, and because she remembered and apparently liked me (go figure!), I was selected. And it was fun, while it lasted. But that is when cancer came to call the for the first time in Bruce’s arm (and lymph nodes, and lungs, they thought. Later they learned they were wrong about the last two) and my world was turned upside down. I never finished this bag.

So now here we are, and I have a colorful UFO in the form of a bag-to-be. Specifically, it's the Dot Dot Dash Bag. Cynthia Brunz assured me that this would be a great inclusion to her semi-annual Quilty Orphan Adoption event, and so here we go!

What you will get if you are selected as this orphan’s adoptive parent:

1.  All the fabric pieces are cut out - main fabric, lining, interfacing and stablizer (either By    Annie’s Soft & Stable or Pellon’s Foam Flex)
2.  All the hardware (zippers and slides) is included.
3.  All the main fabric and lining has had the interfacing fused to it.
4.  Several of the sewing steps have been completed and checked off.
5.  Complete written instructions and patterns, with a note of where I left off. Please note that this is a very rough (pre-publication) copy of the pattern and has a lot of personal notations and corrections on it.

Everything you need to complete the purse is included, and the yucky parts (cutting, fusing) have all been done! YAY!!  And I will even mail it to you, at my expense, if you are in the USA. If you are outside of the USA, you are still eligible, but we will have to talk about dividing up the postage cost. And in the case of this bag, I’m not requiring that it be donated to charity; make it for yourself or someone you know who loves bright colors!!

If you are interested in adopting this project, just let me know in the comments of THIS POST. I will keep the adoption open through Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 6pm Mountain Daylight Time. The winner will be selected by Random Number Generator, then contacted and announced on the blog on Friday, March 23. 

And while you’re at it, why not check out all the other orphans at Cynthia’s Spring 2018 Quilty Orphan Adoption event, or subscribe (if you don’t already) to her great blog.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Sewing O’ the Green

I did get a lot of sewing done in the early part of the week with my green scraps. And I’m sharing some of them in this post. Others I'll save for next week. Today I’m exhausted. It’s been an emotionally charged and draining week. A roller coaster. But life is like that sometimes, and sewing sure helps to even things out for me. Sewing and quilting melt away stress, sadness, anger, even boredom. Does it do that for you? And I find if I add music (current playlist is Ed Sheeran and Mary Chapin Carpenter), time just floats happily by.

And so I’m cheerfully and green-fully linking up to Angela’s Scrappy Saturday party.

First up are the Squared Away blocks for March. They’re this month’s installment of our Rainbow Scrap Sampler for this year.  I love the left one. The right one, not so much because of the fabric I chose. They are 10-inch blocks.

And then I did about eleven selvage squares measuring 6.5”, unfinished. Because I have very few dark green scraps, especially selvage scraps, I decided to mix all the greens for these blocks instead of focusing on just the medium to light ranges.

Next up was a Geese Migration block, a lovely pattern by Cynthia Brunz (of Quilting is more Fun than Housework). You can find her free pattern HERE. It’s a great stash buster.

And this weekend I’m joining in on Cynthia’s Oh Scrap! linkup. There are many of us currently working (or who have already finished) her Geese Migration pattern. These are only some of my blocks, and they’re on my design board with the fabric I’ll be using for the background and sashing.

The gray fabric is a lovely cotton called Linen Look by MakowerUK. It has a wonderful, rich color and drape. And I believe it shows off the colors to good advantage. Now there are probably some of you eagle-eyed stitchers who have noticed that my blocks are not all stitched with the same orientation. The yellow and pink blocks (and even the yellow and pink ones that aren’t shown) all have the geese on the left, while the rest have the geese correctly on the right. So, all I can say is ..... do all geese fly in the same identical formation every time? And if they do, then Oh.Well. I’m not changing them. :-)

I haven’t decided if these will be set on point, as shown in Cynthia’s pattern, or if they will be set like shown above. To date, I’ve never done an on-point setting (there! I admitted it!), but this quilt’s finish and Bonnie Hunter’s Ringo Lake pattern (I’m still sewing those blocks together) both call for on point. We shall see.....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The rest of this post is pretty much for the birds...... my Lattice Birds quilt. I need to come up with a better name. Suggestions welcomed at any time!

This was the bird I made last week:

 And then I added three more:

And THEN I combined them with the blue members of their flock, as well as the inspiration fabric by Tamara Kate that will become a border, backing (and parts of blue birds).

Oh my, I am really loving this. When we get to blue again, there will be at least two more blue birds, maybe more. Blue and green will be the primary colors of the quilt, but we will also see some other colors. I added some pulled fabrics for those future birds in the picture below.

Oh, yes please! The birds will be flying all over the quilt on a Kona White background. Between the birds I’ll have a dark royal blue lattice made of single Irish Chain blocks. I plan to do those when we get to the dark blue month. I hope it turns out as nice as my drawn plans!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tonight we’re going to cap off the week by seeing the WellRED Comedy Act (The Liberal Rednecks) in Salt Lake City. Have you heard of them? Funny as heck, intellectual, but rather rough language. Bruce and I have tickets with Cousin Kim, Cousin Carrie (Kim’s sister) and Carrie’s adult daughter Jenny. It’s a dinner show.  And I’m looking forward to laughing a lot.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

New Month, New OMG - A Monthly Goal for March

The new months means it’s time to set and declare my new March goal for One Monthly Goal (OMG) over at Elm Street Quilts. This is such a great way to motivate us quilters to finish things up and not them nag us linger forever. Not that any of us do that.

This month I chose a goal that will help me not only accomplish something nice for donation, but also clear a bit of space in my sewing room.

What is that mess, you ask? It’s a pile of soon-to-be sewn kennel quilts. Last year I donated  85 kennel quilts and doggie beds (stuffed with tiny scraps and batting bits) to our local Best Friends (no-kill) Pet Shelter. It’s a particular favorite place for Alfie and Darla, because that is where we found them over 4 years ago. Although I’m doing other charity projects this year, I still want to finish up these remainders that are waiting to be finished.

In February, I went through my cat and dog themed fabrics, blocks in the Parts Department and/or leftovers from other projects. I sewed up scraps into tops and matched them to backings. Next, I frankenpieced batting scraps to match up. Some of the fabric was donated by generous people or stores, and I have worked hard over the months to pare that down. They all need to be trimmed to sizes, but all the parts are there, ready to be sewn.

My goal for March is to finish up 10 of these quilts. I have eleven of them to do, but just in case something goes wrong, I’m just going to say 10. Keep in mind that these are small quilts, roughly placemat size. They range from about 12x18” on the small side, up to about 20x24” on the large side. They are not bound in the traditional sense, because bindings can come loose (think of a chewing pet....). Instead they are sewn with top and backing right sides together, with batting in-between, then stitched closed and quilted. Once I get an assembly line going, I can do these easily in a few hours.

And since this also uses up lots of old scraps and parts, I’m linking up to Oh Scrap! with Cynthia Brunz.
Friday, March 2, 2018

Rainbow Strings Quilt Finished

March breezed in (literally) before I could finish my Rainbow Strings quilt. I had hoped for a February finish, but oh well.  This was started as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt back in the summer of 2016. It finished at 64 x 80”.  The quilting is just meandering vertical lines.

Because it was so blustery outside today, the quilt is just pinned to my design board.

I left the muslin foundations on the back of the blocks, and that necessitated a lot of pressing to open up the seams so they’d lie flat.

And this is the crazy backing. I love it!

This was Goal #4 for my Finish-Along Quarter One goals.  Now I only have one more 2017 Rainbow Scrap Quilt to finish, and that is my Plus Quilt. The blocks were all sewn last year, but they need to be sewn into a flimsy and then layered, quilted, etc.  I’ll probably get to that in April or May. But if you are craving more Rainbow Scrap Goodness, why not join us over at Angela’s So Scrappy blog for our regular Scrappy Saturday linkup?

This month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, our color is green - from mid-tones to light greens and yellow-greens (“grellow”).  Since we are only a couple days into this month, I only have one block to show so far.

This is the first of two green birds that I’ll make this month. When the darker greens come up again later in the year, I will have two more to make.

And that’s about it from here. Oh! Darla wanted me to tell you that the Rainbow Strings quilt is very soft and passes her sleep-test inspection.